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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  April 18, 2014 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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weekend. and happy easter. see you again on monday out of boston, massachusetts, for the running of the boston marathon. i'm in for shepard myth. "your world" starts right now. remember dr. evil telling his son to zip it? now democrats are being told to zip it. i thought that was a very good impression. welcome everybody. i'm neil cavuto. and ixnay on the recovery-ay. two top democratic strategists warning candidates they better steer clear of the very word recovery. they say it's a political looser because so many people are still hurting. we thought we'll come up with words to replace recovery. how about down and outer-y. get real-y.
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or just plain old sucker-y. how about those words. democrats may want to run from a cruddy recovery but mike says its their recovery so they own it. get ready for it. so, larry, you say you can understand why they want to avoid the r word, but technically it is a recovery, a meager one. why do that? >> first, i just want to say the oxford dictionary of the english lange has nothing to worry about from you. so, that's very clear. but -- >> i can deal with you and tom-foolery. go ahead. >> yes. the truth is the economy just isn't performing that well. it may be improving gradually, and economists can see the
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improved but the average person can't. when a democrat says the economy is making progress, they're saying to the voters i don't have a clue what your lives are like and i'm totally out of touch. that doesn't sell your can days very well. >> if they're in the position now of not acknowledging -- all right, unemployment has come down-retail sales picked up a little bit, and larry is right it's not going to register with midnight folks. >> this isn't a recovery. it's kind of like kissing your sister. >> hey, hey, hey, i went to the prom with my sister good ahead. >> it's a jalopy, it's swerving all over the road and not creating any real jobs. look at the jobs we created. burger flippers, waitresses. nothing wrong with those jobs but not the coined of high-paying jobs we love.
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construction jobs, manufacturing jobs. look what has benefited and who has not benefited here. home openers are doing -- owneres are doing great, stockholders are doing well. who hasn't benefited? everybody else. we're not getting real income increases after inflation and food prices have gone up. complain prices on the way back up -- gasoline prices on the way back up and enif you want to give them credit for the housing and stock market recovery, how about the low interest rates from the federal reserve board. >> larry, they're going to come become and that is democrats will come back in the mid-terms and come back in 2016 and say, say what you will the way things are now, say you don't want to use recovery, we're better off than we were when republicans in charge. unemployment is way down, we're not melting down. whatever they'll call it, whether it's recovery-not, they can at least point to that and that's what they will-won't they? >> well, they probably will say
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that, but the old phrase used even before you were born, neil, was, prosperity is just around the corner. parties like to use that phrase. and what it really says is we see you don't have prosperity today but, boy, we're just certain, after the election it's going to appear. it generally works. it can work at least and has worked in american history for the first mid-term election. we're into the second mid-term election. six years of the obama presidency. and people's hope tends to fade over time. they'reless inclined to buy the optimistic picture. >> if they can't use recovery, right? and democrats strategists are saying it's not a good idea. i know you're not a big fan of the president. if yourwood advising him what to focus on, what would it be? >> i think it would be -- if i really wanted focus on something and sell my story, i would say -- look at the actual unemployment rate, which has continued to come down, and i would look at the promises made.
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now, unfortunately he has not delivered on any of the promises. he told us he would cut the deficit in half and only did that after he doubledded in the first place. so what can you focus on? you can focus on the economy is growing 2.5%. unemployment rate is coming down. we're not on the brink of a financial crisis anymore. but i agree, this is -- the financial crisis was a long time ago and these promises start to ring hollow if you keep making them into your sixth, seventh, and eighth year. >> that depends on the other side not screwing up, too, though. larry -- >> they're notorious for that. >> larry? >> i think it will end up being republicans are going to add seats to the house and come close to taking over the senate and maybe take over the senate. it's right there on the fence post. and governorships will continue to hold. many of the central important
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governorships, that's pretty much what you expect from this election. you can only sell hope for so long. the democrats' secret weapon, we've seen it over and over, neil, is social issues. i think that's what will stressed again. september, october, november. >> all right. >> let's not forget that republicans are the masters of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. >> you're right about that. even if they pick up in the mid-term, doesn't carry through two years later. gentlemen, thank you. for you folks, i have a homework assignment. what would you replace the word "recovery" with? this goes for you at home. this is your team cavuto tweet challenge. we'll read your suggestions later in the show. jeremy, my son, will participate in this, and if he doesn't come up with good suggestions he will never get to visit me again.
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in the studio. meanwhile, take a look at the new obamacare enrollees. they count. at least be a little built too -- bit too young to pay for health care but the president is counting them. >> 35% of people who enrolled through the federal marketplace are under the age of 35. >> touché. apparently way under the age of 35. like one or two. refining the president's number includes toddlers getting coverage under their parents' plan. that's fine. so, what is the true number of young adults signing up? maybe that kid has a wallet in his diaper. i don't know. but i don't know. doesn't strike me as going to the front of the line, saying
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i'll get extended silver plan. anyway to the daily caller, what's going on here. what changed? something changed here. they expanded that pie. >> as the president was speaking yesterday and coming out to say the debate was over -- i don't know why he is still having the debate if it's over -- he says it's at 35% -- >> that's a very good line what you just said there. i'm sorry, go ahead. >> then all of a sudden simultaneously, as he's speaking, with sitting with reporters and we get an alert from the white house saying that just 28% of people between the ages of 18 and 34 had signed up and 28 is a big difference from 35, and threatens bad things for the law if it stays at 28%. >> we are are getting simultaneous texts from pebbles and bam bam who would disagree with you. this playing loosey-goosey with the numbers, including this group and then not including
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this group and then including all groups to make your case, gets on my case. maybe that's just me. >> 28% is a far cry from the 40% that the administration wants to get to, and the reason they need to get there is because if they don't have enough young people paying into the system, as we constantly here, the system won't be able to support itself. the eight million numbers eye-opening. i want to make sure viewers know that the tax preparers actually helped contribute to the signup. you have h & r block and jackson hewitt offering obamacare signups to every person who came to their door in advance of tax day and that's where you see a lot of the signups coming from. >> again, when you get the number in the half million or and the goal is 25 million and it's going to be reached in short order. i'm find with reporting those numbers. that's fine. but i'm also fine with trying to get to the bottom how they arrived at them or who are the real net new enrollees, how many
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are young and able to my and not toddlers, but we never get that and there's no interest in trying to get that. >> there's not. very few numbers we get, we can divine. bits of information out of. one of them is that young people aren't as dumb as the obamacare advertising would have presumed they were. ultimately obama is sitting down with a comedian to do an interview didn't convince millions of union people to sign up in order to dump hundreds of dollars out of what little paychecks they have to begin with for this program. so they're making decisions based on their pocketbook every day. >> we got confirmation that bam bam did indeed sign for hem -- health care, the props -- bronze level. >> this thing is working. >> the president says it's working. try telling that doctors on the front lawn line who say -- front line who sauce the laws are
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confusing. he says the healthcare law us not working. what are you seeing from the front lines, doctor? >> first of all i always want to say these discussions about web sites and numbers or enrollees just serve as nothing more than extractions about the -- disextractions and indicatives with the healthcare law. the majority of the law has not been rolled out. we're just talking about how to enroll people and what these products are. what i'm saying now, certainly are unintended or intended consequences but not unforeseen. patients are coming in, they have much higher copayspayspaysd deductibles. can't afford the copays on some medications. they are even missing doctor appointments they used to make on a regular basis. very confusing when you talk about the exchanges, too. i gave a talk at the ms association of america patient program a couple months ago. that's six or seven multiple sclerosis patients said to on their exchange plan they had
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such a one neurologist on the plan can and these are we patients with complicate eddows. so they lost their access to see specialists like myself. i have patients that have been told i was on their plan, up and down we're told over and over by the people selling them the plan, and they all of a sudden are finding another opposite they pay the first premium we're not on the plan and they can't see us. >> what do you due in that event? >> well, we -- by the end of the year we have about a quarter million dollars in copays we never see. so we're just adding to the increasing copays and amounts of money we never see at this point. >> what about those who have gone on to exchanges, doctor, who are maybe going to get sticker shock and find out they do have a policy and it seems to have a good annual premium, but they're stuck with a very, very high deductible and that sticker shock is beginning to resonate
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right now. >> exactly. that's what i'm seeing already. patients literally are coming in and telling me, doctor, i'm taking one or two of my medications but not the other ones. i can't afford the copay for the medication. >> that's amazing. doctor, i'm sure you might have heart the president -- heard the president. part of what he said was good things take time. i've paraphrasing here. but much like medicare when it started. but if memory serves me right, from the history check, that was a $65 million program that has become a trillion dollar program with a lot of bumps and bumpups in price. do you fear the same sneer. >> well, absolutely. i mean, when you look at it, essentially the healthcare law has made all of the problems worse. right? we need patients to have more control and more options. we need to have the healthcare systems have less regulation, less mandate. i'm spending my time now or 25% of my time now on not computer work. it's out in digital computer work, making sure i'm complying
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with the healthcare law and the computer. so, this doesn't -- none of these things make me feel like things are going to work out in the future, and i'm the first one who wants to be wrong. haven't been wrong yet. all of this was very easily foreseen for those of white house had common sense, knew the healthcare system and a shred of basic economic knowledge. >> doctor, thank you very much. thank you for trying to help your patients in the middle of it. now even hospitals are offering alternatives to obamacare. is this the free market fix for the health care system that needs one? you can find out tonight. speak out against the government? you're a terrorist. is harry playing dirty? have your next burger with a side of awesome. the one-of-a-kind, creamy blend of sweet and tangy. miracle whip and proud of it.
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>> these people hold themselves out to be patriots are not. they're nothing more than domestic terrorists and i think that we are a country that people who should follow the law. i repeat what went on out there is -- >> all right. these guys are terrorists. these guys are terrorists. when i think about terrorists i think of these guys. they look like terrorists. not those other guys. that could be me. former secret service agent is here. who is right on this, dan? >> well, not harry reid. he is not right about much. in between his accusations that everyone's plan cancel due to obamacare is a liar to mitt romney doesn't pay his taxes. these guy is spineless and what disgusts me about him and why i felt it important to speak out on this, he is escalating this
1:19 pm
rhetoric and it's very dangerous. to call someone a racist and then a -- and then graduating to a terrorist, this is very dangerous. he is selling nothing but hate and chaos disguissed and marketed as division to get you to hate republicans and people -- this is very dangerous stuff. >> i don't care if you're on the right or left but it is a pattern of behavior and comparisons i think has to stop because it is something that is -- i want you folks at home to look at a sprinkling of it. >> that's not negotiating. that's hostage-taking. >> we have a good day of anarchists. why? because the government is closed. >> they want to hold is hostage. to giving an additional tax cut. >> we're not going to bow to tea party an nash exists.
1:20 pm
>> not negotiating with people with a bomb on their chest. >> legislative arsonists. >> you don't feel it's the same way when it's your folks. it's crazy and has no place in our public debate. >> no. and here's the problem, neil. i remember as a secret service agent going out and protecting intelligence investigations, threat cases to the president or anyone else. always that one guy who had some psycho pathology. all he needed was one cue, a little built of props to get going. i think of the interview -- the southern poverty law center guy who was motivated to shoot the guard at the family research council. we saw people like this all the time. and to be using rhetoric like this as a leader, as a leader of the united states senate, is really a grotesque abuse of power, and i really wish, neil, that some on the left would start to seek speak out against
1:21 pm
this as many of the right have, when their folks have gotten out of line. >> they're not. they're saying it's justified. that is scary. if you're calling the other cider sonnists and terrorists, -- side arsonists and terrorists, your behavior shows your underlying preference here and that is to politically exploit it. dan, thank you very much. >> you're very welcome. >> no room for that talk. the irs is already tracking your cash. but your car? really? >> oh, the irs. >> boo! >> boo yourself. ♪ [ male announcer ] this m has an accomplished research and analytical group at his disposal. ♪ but even more pressive is how he puts it to work for his clients. ♪
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makes sense of investing. i can't wait to get to mattress discounters because the tempur-pedic bonus event is ending soon. choose $300 in free gifts, and, get up to 48 months interest-free financing with any tempur-pedic mattress. ♪ mattress discounters you know i get this all the time. we do a segment, say at the beginning of the show, talking about the administration and
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babies and young portion of those enrolling for coverage and invariably someone says, you know, i have a niece who is a single mother of two. you don't want them counted as being insured? no. that's not what i said. variations of this. it's like if you're for spending you -- i want accountable and tell the truth. i want to make sure that kids who are covered are not included in those paying for such coverage. in other words, what the president is doing and what they're doing at the white house is including toddlers into the number of paying enrollees. you can't have it that way unless these kids are like bam bam and pebbles and have the wherewithal to pay themselves but me thinks it's not the case. no one is saying kids should go without healthcare. all we're saying is be very suspicious of the administration now that is using them and including them in the emotional argument of saying they are now boosting the number of young healthcare enrollees.
1:26 pm
they're toddlers. they can't pay! they're cute but they don't have wallets. forget taxing 'the irs is tracking. the agency paid a surveillance company for nationwide access to its data, gathering up images of people's license plates, experts say this goes too far. are they right? attorney spencer says, yeah. snyder says the irs is doing nothing wrong here. stacy, you're view on this is what? >> that this is perfectly legal what it is it cameras taking snapshots of passing car's license plates --ishing why whoa the irs want that. >> doing criminal investigations, looking for people the same way law enforcement agency along for people. >> for what people? >> people who aren't paying. >> i can see if they're tracking my license plates if to i'm not paying itch didn't give the irs permission to do this.
1:27 pm
>> you don't have to give them permission. you drive the car on your sleet and your plans plate is up. >> fair game to have -- >> anyone can take a picture. you can, nip standing on a street corner can take a picture. this is a computer taking a picture and entering the data interest a database. >> selling your soul and your license plate. >> absolutely not. we know that our united states supreme court said as recently as last year that people have a reasonable expectation of privacy in their movement. of course, you give up some privacy rights in public. you're going to drive your car, you can't expect everything to be private. but for the government to have a snapshot of where you're going, our united states supreme court has said, is to give them access to information about a number of personal things. if you're going to church, going to temple, if you have certain personal routines, that is sharing -- >> what possible use would the irs have for this? >> the supporters of this would argue that those who have judgment for failure to pay
1:28 pm
taxes, may be trying to evade those judgments. but i believe that is not nearly enough to satisfy any legal standard or justify this action. they're not -- >> i think if you were to ask a lot of americans on the road -- i know they're going to snap my license plate if i have not paid the toll or something lick this or going to fast and i get a tibet in the mail. i think they would be surprised that this guess to the irs. >> any government agency, for any voc that passes on the street, they want to tabling a picture of the license plate and they know where you pass -- not where you're going. they're not tracking if you're going to church or school. >> why are you assigning good motives to the government? >> i think it's an innocuous situation. not an invasion of privacy. >> if it were ininnocuous we wouldn't do this segment. >> we don't know that what stacy said is accurate. they're getting information and doing so without any regulation.
1:29 pm
so they could track your movements. >> they're tracking cars that are already in a police database as wanted vehicles -- >> you're just afraid of the irs. you won't say anything beside bat the irs okay. fine. >> as long as i'm on the public street with my vehicle, it's not in my private garage, they can take any picture of my plate they want. it's not a problem. >> this is how rome slipped. they took snapshots of the carriages getting back -- >> to the hers and buggies, too. >> the nsa now the irs, they're riddled with scandal for a host of reasons. the government doesn't need to know all of this. >> i don't know. >> you're out on the street, they know about it. >> thank you very much. the toughest interview of the president award goes to, this guy. the white house press secretary just said it. wow. iprise asked people a simple question:
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i think if you look back at 201 and the series of interviews the sitting president of the united states gave, the toughest interview he had was jon stewart. the most substantive, challenging interview, president barack obama had in the election with was the an cor of "the daily show." >> i agree. but what does that tell you think to toughest interview the president had in the campaign year was with a guy who hosts a
1:34 pm
comedy show. albeit a very smart guy. emily, i would agree with that. but that is a very sad commentary on a compliant media that has not challenged him, and that in yesterday's press conference, proved it again, is not up to or even interested in challenging him. >> look, i think you're right in giving onstewart a little credit here. he actually is a very substantive person and does ask hard-hitting questions and asks followup questions which ising should we don't see. this has an command complaint. sunday news shows, not a lot of followup questions there. >> sherry. >> i agree. what i think is amazing that carney, the white house press secretary, did not understand what an incredible statement that was he was making, a comedian, who maybe is substantive person but his show is comedy, satirical stuff --
1:35 pm
>> he got more cogent answers out of the president than thes- >> the media is afraid. i dr. think during the 2012 campaign the media had finance from from just being biased towards the democrats they were an arm of the campaign for obama. it was sad, little frightening. they didn't tell us about this when i was in journalism school a million years ago. but i think that it's very dangerous because if we can't trust the press to tell us the truth and cover the information that we need, to give us the information we need, who can we trust? >> i always wonder about -- i see the latest proof on the part of all the media when they look at these obamacare enrollee numbers, emily, and one of the things -- by all means repeat what the numbers of the administration is espousing and louding and then go under the hood and look at how they arrived at that, the competing estimates, whether they jive, how many are paying, on this toddler thing. we're not saying they're all
1:36 pm
toddlers. we're saying if you're going to include them in your paying base and go 35 and under all the way done to one and two years old, then you have to explain that to people and that how your getting these apparently inflated personals. -- personals but no one is -- percentages but no one is doing this. >> estimates are just that. nothing the administration said are false. they're preliminary numbers -- >> i'm not saying they're false. it's like saying, all right, eight million enrollees but leave out the details how many are paying, how many are net new. >> i think that giving preliminary numbers is nothing more than that. i do think the followup does come later. at it giving preliminary numbers. >> the followup numbers did not reflect the size of that number, would they give that snub? >> i don't think anything has been different whan they said. it hat just been the large --
1:37 pm
the preliminary number to begin with. i dent think anything is contradicted. i think there have been breakouts. >> could i quibble but -- go ahead. >> they should be reporting the contradictions. here's the trick the media does when they want to protect the president or the democrats. they won't report if the president says something wrong. they report that the republicans claim that he president says something ongoing, and that's something that is lost on the american people, many of them, and i hope they start becoming a little bit more savvy in terms of how they listen to the news and receive their news and questioning why this is not being investigated. >> and with -- >> i do think the american public is holding accountable. i take note of the fact that all of the media is pro obama and covering up for him. we see times when there is a relationship between all elected and the news media where they want to become them and get them on -- >> that's a problem, though. >> a human -- huge problem and we have seen a difference this week. this week and next week,
1:38 pm
congressmen are in town -- >> they won't do their jobs. >> we can -- i want to thank you. >> people are hitting hard at these town halls. >> we're out of time. multimillion dollar homes are selling and you might soon be profiting even if your home isn't. [ male announcer ] legalzoom has helped start over 1 million businesses. if you have a buness idea, we have a personalized legal solution that's right for you. with easy step-by-step guidance, we're here to help you turn your dream into a reali. start your business today with legalzoom.
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>> suggestions fast pouring in with records to replace "recovery." here is jeff's suggestion: >> steve, how about scam-shammery. rick, how about calling it the weak-covery. >> very good. >> jeff refusing to end this word with an r-y. we read it anyway.
1:42 pm
absolute train wreck. couldn't go with train wreckery? $10 million home, selling like crazy. $100,000 home not selling like crazy to real estate may ven who says it's not crazy. trickle down works for everyone and we'll hear. explain, katrina. >> well, recently a lot of homes that are 10 million plus have sold in the connecticut area, which is surprising to a lot of people, but there's a lot of assumptions of why that's occurring. taxes in new york are getting higher so people are choosing to visit -- to actually purchase in connecticut in addition to that, it's trickling down to the medium housing market. i think the biggest problem is actually not buyers wanting to buy. it's low inventory. and in the $500,000 to $600,000 range there's not a lot
1:43 pm
of envictimmer to. interest rates are going down which is incentive to boy but low inventory is faking the market. the luxury market is doing well as people continue to purchase because they believe that real estate -- >> does that hold if the upper is doing well? it does trickle down? that's not always the case. >> it does trickle down, especially with interest rates still being historically low, and -- but again, there's just not enough inventory in the lower income brackets, and buyers are becoming frustrated because of that. but as you see, the $10 million homes are selling and they're selling to cash buyers, which is very interesting. not all of them are coming from overseas which one would assume. a lot of them are coming from new york. >> amazing, thank you very much. by the way, as we were talking, we're getting more of your ideas. i hate to say -- i don't want to criticize -- i'm disappointed in all of you. it's holy week so i'll be light but i came up with some just
1:44 pm
now. again, a substitute word for "recovery." are you kidding me, holly cow-y, hail mary. i'm losing my shirty. those just came up. what are you doing? jeremy, what are you doing? this is -- okay. i'm trying here. work with me. a homework assignment of another sort. this one about home wreckers. it was given to fourth gridders. - -- fourth graders. this is sick and weird and it's your tax dollars at work. [ hypnotist ] you are feeling satisfied
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this is a wake-up call. i jbut they blacked me these miles are useless! that's turrible. and all the other dates are triple the miles! triple the miles? that's as useless as chuck at a golf tournament. or you at the three point line.
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1:48 pm
button. this passage was given to fourth graders: ruby sat on the bed. she shared with her husband holding a hair clip. she didn't recognize the hair clip. i it was too big to be their daughters and the was sure it wasn't hertz. there it was, the hair clip, a few long black hair strands in it. ruby rand her fingers through already blonde hair when she noticed the green object under the bed. now their life would never be the same. she would wait here until mike returned home. then the students were assigned two questions. why is ruby so affected by the hair clip and how has the hair clip affected ruby's relationship? the backlash from parents, huge. the school apologizing, but i'm asking these are fourth graders. to this mom that worries this stuff is happening nationwide. we just got wind of this one. doctor, you think this is part of a bigger problem.
1:49 pm
>> i was shocked when i saw this. it's possible that the reading level was appropriate for fourth graders but nothing else about this was appropriate for nine and ten-year-olds. >> always wonder, even if i made the -- it went to high schoolers who could can understand this, appreciate this, comment on this, not fourth graders. >> i think this is clearly inappropriate. i do agree with the doctor. and there were references inferences, infidelity, violence, deaths, stories the students had to read and this is really why it's so important for parents to know what is being taught in these schools. this just happened to come out because a student took the assignment home. some of them, bass they weren't able to finish it in class. otherwise, the parents not have been aware of it. >> i'm looking at why you even give a did that consistent of assignment, particularly in the fourth grade. why? >> i can't think of a reason other than this teacher eitherread the assignment before handing it out or had not enough life experience to realize
1:50 pm
there's no correct answer to these questions except topics that are not developmentally appropriate for kids this age. our kids are often stuck seeing things they're not ready for. we shouldn't have to worry about that from a school >> i'm trying to give the benefits of the doubt. and maybe they are trying to -- it's not such a comprehension issue. it's relating one issue to another. critical thinking. but again i'm going back to 4th grade? >> here's a better idea if you want to find out about a child's critical thinking, how about discovery and wonderment, how about the science? look at how sugar, saccharine was discovered, totally by accident, the artificial sweetener. how about penicillin? these are great stories that could be totally be good for
1:51 pm
students. >> in 5th grade, that public schools teach you about the birds and the bees. >> that is. >> i think parents should have hard conversations with their kids starting from a very young age about body privacy and relationships and the importance of loyalty and respect and responsibility, but that this is not something to give to kids in elementary school because those are kids for whom the stability of their home relationship is still a given. asking them to question those at this age doesn't make them more resilient, it actually can undermine their security and stability. >> it doesn't do a lot to instill confidence in our educational system. >> these lessons are supposed to be preapproved? how did they get through? >> i don't know. thank you both very much. i don't have a story quite like that to share.
1:52 pm
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fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. you know, i told this story before, but i really think it's timely this easter and passover system, i can't stop thinking about a certain cocktail party. i know it sounds weird, but it ended up being darn near religious experience. it was a couple of years ago, holy week and a charity event that a friend invited me. maybe it was the driving rainstorm that line or in fact the group was in a surly mood. one older woman was fit to be tied. angry that it took her 40 minutes to get a cab. anger still that her assistant never go her a car to avoid her waiting 40 minutes for a cab.
1:56 pm
they should save the money on the party and just give it to the damn charity, she blurts out. an older man in his 70s let's the woman know that a large benefactor is paying for the party. she says if the damn charity meant to be much of the ben factor he or she should give the dough to the charity. events like these are a dime a dozen. all the charities thes given to don't seem to thank her, the workers who don't appreciate it, the colleagues don't recognize her or her own children. she moved on how difficult it is to get good help these days. no one is like they were the old
1:57 pm
days. i mean this was going on and on. then she says the biggest problem in the country is the lousy attitude in this country. the older gentleman smiled, but he still says nothing. she goes on to bash how soft america has become and i notice at this point he just looks inqifttively at her. when i desperately try to steer the conversation to anything more positive, i decide to ask this guy a question. recognizing the uniform, i said are things as bad on your battle front, sir? >> he smiles, shakes his head. >> this woman says he's a real ball of fire. she laughs. >> i couldn't take my eyes off this gentleman with the uniform, painfully lumpering his way across the room. i asked who he was? most had no idea.
1:58 pm
then i stumbled upon an old colleague of mine, a friend who explained that the man's name was john. that's all he knew and john was a retired general and host for this event for wounded soldiers returning from battle. i remember saying that's amazing. no, here's the amazing part, he lost a leg in battle three months ago. he lost his son. he got killed in iraq. i'm stunned. my friend said it's actually gets worse. tells me that the general's wife just passed away after a year long battle fighting breast cancer. from all reports, the general is alone. incredible, i say and i can't wait to hear what he has to say this night. after all he's the ben factor. >> you'll be disappointed, he doesn't do the talking. the well-known politician would do all the talking. the general even ordered him not to mention his name. just pound the case and urge
1:59 pm
individuals to donate to the cause. keep saying wounded soldiers depend on all of them and that whiney woman might be hearing this again. she was still yammering and how it was time to boogie. i desperately want to say something to him, all i remember is saying i'm so general, all i'm remember him saying back is i'm sorry for the horrible night. a man with little to say but his life spoke volumes and it got me thinking about a woman who couldn't stop complaining even though she had so much to which to be grateful and a man who wouldn't even start complaining,
2:00 pm
that night, i remember a lot of people talking about a thunderstorm raging. i remember a general whose silence was devoning -- deefenning. happy easter, wherever you are, general. >> i'm bob beckle, along with andrea tantaros, eric boling, and it's 5:00 in new york city, this is the "the five." >> today over 2 billion christians around the world are marking good friday. the pope he will he commemorates the cruise i -- cruise --


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